Why your company need to embrace a Culture of "change"
Tom Peters used to repeat a sentence from general Eric Shinseki, Chief of Staff of the US Army which went:

"If you don't like change, you are going to like irrelevance even less"

A good way to say that the pathway that is about to begin is a path of change, of transformation, and that change and transformation are necessary elements (must have) and not just desirable (nice to have) for your organization.

There are many reasons why we must always change and bring into question our organization and be ready to transform it.

I believe there are particularly 4 reasons that have to push us to continually rethink our organization.

But why do people, and more generally organizations not want to change?

In my opinion there are 5 main reasons for "NOT" to change, which it is essential to know to be able to activate the actions necessary to "counter attack" this inertial force:

If we want to change (and we want!) we need to tackle each of these points in different ways.

Only through continuous change we will be able to create an organization that does not hamper change but encourages it!

Simone Gibertoni

From "High Performance Company Manifesto" by Simone Gibertoni

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