"If you want to get inspired by a business book and at the same time get some concrete and useful tools, read the "High Performance Company Manifesto""

Paolo Ferioli, Founder, Openminds


From the intro:
We are tired of mediocre firms that make mediocre products and poor services.
We are tired of unenthusiastic collaborators who have no love for their job and no passion..
We are tired of political chiefs who are anything but leaders; on the contrary they do everything NOT to have leaders as collaborators with whom they would be forced to compare themselves.
We are tired of managing directors that don't know their business, for whom selling computers, cosmetics and clothes is after all always the same thing, in the end you take the money and run...

We want love and passion for our firms' products.
We want crazy and lunatic people ready to do anything to realise their vision.
We want firms that want to be unique and different, populated by people who want to spend most of their time knowing that they are contributing to something important.

We need new Leaders.

And firms able to stimulate them.

Firms that love change and transformation.

This is what this book is about.

"I have loved this book, is like having 100 personal development books in a simple, and easy to read compendium for the personal success"

Matteo Zanni, HR director


(The noblest search is the search for excellence)

From the intro:
".... what I have written here are in reality the basics, to have success both as a person and also as a professional. They are indeed the secrets that can make a difference in your life and also the foundations to become excellent professionals.
I have deliberately tried to be concise; I have gone, as one is accustomed to saying, to the "heart" of the principles of success. In today's world we don't have any time at all for anything that is not essential. Not only, I wanted this book to be a practical guide, full of exercises, schemes and suggestions that you can apply straight away.( ........)
There are many exercises that are rich in content, but they are an essential part of the process of change. Do them. (.....) Go on working intensely on each "step", try to apply them in the best way to your lives, take what works for you and get rid of what doesn't work, don't be afraid to experiment.
As H.D. Thoreau said: things do not change, we change.
Bon voyage!


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