“Simone Gibertoni”

Simone Gibertoni

“In a world where longevity and wellness take center stage,
I want to make a real impact on how people can live a longer,
healthier and better life”

CEO Clinique La Prairie. Co-founder CLP Holistic Health.
Board Member, Writer & Speaker

Introducing the Circle of Friends of Simone Gibertoni

Stephane Girod
Professor of Luxury, Strategy and Organizational Innovation, IMD
I have always been impressed by Simone's wide curiosity for and foresight into the changes taking place in the business world. I admire the way he has been able to connect the changing circumstances with a new, clear and compelling direction for Clinique La Prairie. I have always respected the way he cares for his staff and his team by giving them opportunities for continuous learning and development. Simone is very innovative and that is evidenced in the way he has pioneered new management methods to increase customer centricity. He is thought after by the boards of other luxury businesses to share these new practices. Because he is so well-read, Simone is insightful and critical, exactly the right sparring partner for the research I do.
Bernard Catry
Professor HEC Paris, Lausanne, DBA Harvard BS.
Simone displays an interesting combination of 3 major competences: conceptualization, innovation and implementation. Indeed, he has the ability to develop an helicopter view on many issues he faces. Then, he is creative enough to generate fresh ideas to tackle those issues. And finally, after reaching a consensus in the organization, he has the will power to implement the selected solution. In my opinion, this rare combination makes a true leadership.
Adrian Zecha
It is not easy to sum up how to describe the many aspects of Simone Gibertoni's character and achievements as he has certainly accomplished successfully all the facets of his career in developing and managing enterprises in Europe and abroad. So it has taken me some time to find the right words to convey my appreciation and admiration for what he has accomplished. Finally I think I need only one word to fully express the great regard I have for him. I TRUST SIMONE!
Vincenzo Ganci
Founder and Managing Director "Ganci & Partners Executive Search"
You won't find so many leaders with the same positive energy, enthusiasm and healthy ambition as Simone. Since the first time we met, Simone inspired me trust and respect, thanks to his authentic personality, bright thinking and genuine interest for other people's ideas and points of view. Simone's positivism is remarkable: where others see hurdles, Simone sees opportunities.
Few are able to approach any subject matter, from deeply personal to the extremely technical, with such empathy and rigor. It is this extraordinary attention to detail which enables Simone to see and advise with such a long sighted vision. Curiosity and playfulness are always the first phase of his approach. A night of reflection brings astute critique and problem solving. His brain wraps itself around problems, he searches for answers even when you think he has forgotten. I am proud to be friendly and collaborate with such a rigorous business man who not only knows how to deal with creatives but who also responds with creativity.