“Simone Gibertoni”

Simone Gibertoni

“In a world where longevity and wellness take center stage,
I want to make a real impact on how people can live a longer,
healthier and better life”

CEO Clinique La Prairie. Co-founder CLP Holistic Health.
Board Member, Writer & Speaker

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Longevity Talks with Jeremy Irvine: Acting, wellbeing and the pursuit of a fulfilling life
Join Jeremy Irvine and me for an engaging episode of Longevity Talks, as we explore the intersection of longevity, lifestyle, and the challenges of maintaining well-being in the spotlight.
Clinique La Prairie - Scientific Committee 2023-2025
Meet our 2023-2025 scientific committee composed of the most expert researchers and clinicians, as well as advisers among the finest in their respective fields.
Longevity Talks with Daniele Corti - Longevity Hub Taipei
Discover the latest Longevity Talk about the opening of our new Longevity Hub in Taipei, with Daniele Corti, Head of International Development at Clinique La Prairie.
Dr Semira Nussle
Measure and tackle stress overload more effectively - Clinique La Prairie
Stress overload is typically estimated using several biomarkers that measure the functioning of the body’s main systems – immune, cardiovascular, metabolic and neuroendocrine.
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Talks with Peter Brabeck & Prof. Stefan Catsicas
Listen to a talk with Clinique La Prairie's CEO Simone Gibertoni, former Nestlé CEO Peter Brabeck, and Skyviews Life Science CEO Prof. Stefan Catsicas on longevity, nutrition, and technology.
MIKA at Clinique La Prairie
We had the immense pleasure to warmly welcome MIKA, Composer & Singer, at Clinique La Prairie to thoughtfully discuss longevity, supplements, and health with our esteemed CEO Simone Gibertoni.
Simone Gibertoni
Our CEO, Simone Gibertoni, on why he created Holistic Health supplements: “We have 90 years of history and research on longevity at Clinique La Prairie, and we wanted to bring some of this technology to a broader audience.”